About me (plus nice things that people have said)


In Internet terms I’ve been doing all this since the olden days. I started ‘Kerb’ my first digital agency in 1996. To put that into context, that was two years before Google was incorporated. I was putting digital viral marketing campaigns together in 1999 and began disrupting traditional ad models by delivering millions of unique page impressions to brand campaigns with little or no media buy.

Whilst running Kerb I creatively lead strategy, concept, pitch and delivery of in excess of five hundred branded digital experiences whilst managing a team of skilled designers and developers. I began to use the phrase ‘Digital Engagement’ to describe our approach (which was very different to the banner/MPU advertising that we could see wasn’t really working) and we built digital campaigns and products for all kinds of brands, across many different platforms using a wide variety of tech.

More recently I’ve been working as a consultant helping companies develop new digital products and new ways to talk to their audience.

In the past I’ve been lucky to work with some great clients and they’ve been kind enough to say some nice things about me.

Marcus Rosie
Senior Vice President – at The Walt Disney Company, Asia Pacific

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jim for 10+ years.  Jim is a talented creator, producer and business manager who’s very well respected in the industry.  One of the key reasons I’ve reached out to Jim on so many projects comes down to his innate ability to challenge a brief, ask the difficult questions, force everyone involved to dig deeper in a very pure attempt to ensure the product is excellent and relevant to the end consumer.

Jim comfortably wears two hats. On one side he’s a pure creative, full of ideas, stories and has a natural artistic sense. On the other he’s analytical, data focussed and cares deeply about the end consumer. From my experience this blend is rare and super valuable.

As in the case of all good leaders he always pushes projects to the limits whilst managing to keep teams excited, happy and motivated.  Jim is someone I would trust without hesitation, he’s honest, passionate and a lot of fun. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with him on so many projects and to call him a friend.”

Darren Cairns
Ex-Director of Online Marketing Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (PlayStation)

“Jim is an absolute pleasure to work with. While at Kerb he ran the agency with great efficiency and creativity. Kerb often saved key projects with outstanding pitches – and they always managed to deliver against that pitch, keeping to time and budget. Jim is a very reliable, vibrant, inspiring and creative person to work with and tackles challenges with a depth of understanding rarely seen in digital agencies these days. I would definitely recommend that you work with Jim and I would have no hesitation on briefing him for my next big digital project.”

Tom Reding
Head of Digital, Redbull

”Jim really is one-of-a-kind – incredibly talented, creative and driven. He’s one of the people that I look to forward to seeing what he’s up to next. I had the pleasure of working with him at the BBC and BBC Worldwide and I have no doubt that I’ll be seeking out ways to work with him again in the future.”

Jody Smith
Multiplatform Commissioning Editor at Channel 4

“I’ve commissioned Jim several times over the years. His work is unique, creative and funny when it needs to be. He’s passionate about games, great at making decisions and really cares about what he’s delivering. He’s an inspiration to his team too.”