Interactive advertising

It is now widely accepted that consumers are more predisposed to buying brands that they have engaged with.  Engaging interactive digital experiences allow consumers to connect with brands on a visceral level.

social strategy

Digital engagement centres on conversations with the consumer.  But how do you start that conversation? The key to successful consumer engagement is giving them something to talk about and developing the conversation from there.


‘Gamification’ is a becoming an overused and often even misused term, but there is still plenty to be gained from using game mechanics in order to shape user behaviour.

Branded Content

Studies repeatedly show that branded content outperforms traditional interruption advertising on every metric. I can’t argue with that. I’ve been creating branded content since 1999 and have seen the proof first […]

second screen

Brands pay to millions to sponsor major TV events, especially sports. An unofficial second screen format to accompany the same event costs only as much as the idea, development and promotion.

engagement analytics

The days of buying CPM banners and calling it ‘marketing’ are long gone. Campaigns judged on actual user engagement and virility are important – and on social networks where CPC is often […]